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Every dollar helps us get closer to our $200,000 goal! Sponsor Hunter for every mile he pedals. Will you join us as we seek to impact the lives of our young men, their families, and their communities?

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Age: 17

Hometown: Ellijay, GA

Why He’s Here: I began using drugs at an early age, and it quickly reflected in my everyday life. Being kicked out of school and off sports teams was a good indicator that I had a problem that I couldn’t face on my own. With no regard for authority and after multiple legal charges, I was court ordered to the Paul Anderson Youth Home where I found a second chance to learn to do what’s right.

Turning Point: I was in my seventh month at PAYH when I realized that what I was doing was not working and that I had to change my heart for my family and myself.

What He’s Looking Forward to the Most: I am looking forward to the experience and the places I will get to see.

Not many people can say they have biked 500 miles in their lifetime; this is an awesome opportunity.