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Age: 17

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, SC

Why He’s Here: Around the summer of my sophomore year, I started experimenting with weed. At first I didn’t do it very often, but over the next few months I did it more and more until it developed into an addiction. Eventually I was caught and given probation. During this time, my problem became worse, and I started to use harder stuff. This led to me failing my drug tests and ending up incarcerated. I spend Christmas that year in the county jail. Shortly after, my parents told me they had found a place that I could go instead of serving time called Paul Anderson Youth Home.

Turning Point: When I first came to PAYH, my plan was to lay low, get through it, and resume my old life once I completed the program. However, I wasn’t able to do that and kept getting in trouble. It took about 9 months before I realized that I really did need to make a change. I had a younger brother and sister to set an example for, and I wanted to make something out of my life.

What He’s Looking Forward to the Most: I’m looking forward to being able to show the progress I’ve made at PAYH and having a good time. I’m also excited about the food and the new people I’ll meet.