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Age: 18

Hometown: Newnan, GA

Why He’s Here: I have had a problem with addicition to drugs and alcohol since my early high-school years. I grew up in a strong Christian home, with many positive Christian role models, but despite this I wandered from my faith. I became involved with the wrong influences in my life that eventually led to run-ins with the law. One thing led to another – after being arrested once and sitting in jail for a couple of days, I was given a second chance from my parents. After disregarding their offer, I found myself in jail yet again.

Turning Point: The second time I was in jail, the judge offered me a chance to come to Paul Anderson Youth Home instead of serving time and at first I said no. However, as I started to think about my family and future, I decided I needed to make a change. I asked if the door was still open to come, and thankfully it was.

What He’s Looking Forward to the Most: I am looking forward to the view and the freedom of the open road.