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Age: 18

Hometown: Thomaston, GA

Why He’s Here: By the end of 6th grade, I had already become associated with marijuana and alcohol. This steadily progressed, and when I moved to Thomaston in 9th grade, my problems were just compounded by more addictions. I quickly became that kid that no one’s parents allowed their children to hang around, and after many run-ins with the law and even more warnings, I was arrested. I sat hopelessly in a jail cell for almost two months until my mother called and allowed me an opportunity to turn my life around at PAYH.

Turning Point: Around my fourth month, I realized that things needed to change, so I stopped being reckless and began doing things the way my parents raised me to do.

What He’s Looking Forward to the Most: I am looking forward to the freedom and the scenery I will see on the ride.