Half-way Through Day 5

We just passed over into Georgia. We all had to load up in the van due to a bridge being out. We made sandwiches and ate them as we rode. Te guys about buy cialis 5mg to remount and finish the ride to Brunswick.

Shout outs:
Cody would like to shout out to his parents, and to his friend, Mallory. Also, hello to his grandfather.

Nick and Daniel say hello to mom, sister, Nanna, Nonno, Gramma, Grandpa, and Matthew.

Logan shouts out to mom, Gramma Ninja, Grandpa Mike, Gramma Janice, Alex, and the Harveys and the Graingers.

Kent says hi to Katie, Jesse, Amy, Becca, mom, dad, sister, Jessica and Kalina.

Charles wishes a happy day to Ma-ma, dad, Aunt Elaine, Aunt Rhonda, Aunt Dianne and their families, Matt, Josh, Kathy and Chris. And Bob M.

We have about 40 more miles to ride today. We’ve had NO ACCIDENTS so far today, but Charles busted his back end. On his bike, I mean. His bike’s back end. And there were a couple of flats, but nothing like what we’ve seen so far. Part of the lack of flats is due to the fact that Jake wasn’t riding this morning, since he has had about 96.273% of the flat total on the trip. But he had his bike repaired today – at a great rate! – and is back on the road now, so expect more flats this afternoon.He has had 14 flats so far… the tally is still rolling.

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  1. Angela Ewart says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Nick. So proud of you :) Wish I could have rode it as well to enjoy the view & you! Thanks for taking care of Dad.

    Miss You & Love You!

  2. Grandma Ninja says:

    We all shout out to you Logan. Grangers, JoAnn is with us, Dan is flyng Alex is staying with Cherry, Mom is working, Tom and Kathy are following you too, and Gary and Rhea. Lots think you and the other guys ate amazing.

  3. Lance J. says:

    Charles, I think its great what you and your buddies are accomplishing. You must be riding that thing a little to hard to tear the back end up. HaHa! Keep up the hard work and i will continue to pray for all you guys! Lance

  4. Gramma Cindy says:

    You are almost done.. What an achievement. So many of your family and friends have been following you. I just want to thank the person or persons who are posting all the great updates. The vvideos, pictures on the website, and FB. It means so much to us to know how everyone is doing. It is great to see the smiles. So, I would hug you. Love to yoj Logan. Gramma

  5. Diane S Culpepper says:

    Hello to all, Really have enjoyed all the videos. You guys are awesome!!! All of us are so proud of each one of you.. Charles, you are doing great and I pray you will continue to have a safe ride. Charles,all of your family sends our love and prayers to you. We are so proud of you. Have a great day tomorrow. Love you, Aunt Diane

  6. Melissa Harvey says:

    It sounds like you guys are doing great — even Jake, who seems to be excelling at getting flat tires and therefore will be able to fix any bicycle, anytime, in the future. Jake, if ever you move to a cycling town like Davis, California, or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you will be Boss. Every day. All the rest of you, keep on pedaling strong, all the way home! Logan, your Uncle Jagger is traveling for work this week (he’s headed to India and Australia), so my job is to send all of his applause and good vibes your way. Can you feel the LOVE??? Because there is a lot of it, coming from the general direction of Kenya, from

    Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jagger, Savannah, Jasper and Rowan!!


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