Day 6 022

Another Successful Day

Today was a long ride and we finished sooner than any other day. We biked through some beautiful places today. Had lunch at one of the most gorgeous places on earth I think. I would tell you where it is exactly but my brain went to bed about two hours ago. But you can look for it in the video with Chris’s devotion which will be posted just as soon as I can get it uploaded.

But let me back up a bit. First, we want to thank Chic-fil-A again for the amazing lodge they put us up in last night. (You also get the grand tour of the lodge in the upcoming video.) They also provided us with quite the spread for breakfast this morning. Chris was boss today and his dad, Peter, was able to join us for most of the ride. He also bought us lunch. Thanks Peter!

We lost Cliff and Jeff today. Cliff biked with the guys until lunch today and then the two had to get on the road so they could get back to work tomorrow. We also lost Bill, Karen and Jesse. Thanks so much to all five of you guys for all the support. It was great having you with us again.

PAYH Board Member Bruce Kern and his daughter’s family, Kevin and Caryn Carroll, hosted us tonight at the Carroll’s home. Like two years ago when we were here, they treated us like royalty. We were fed so well and the boys got in a good bit of swimming in the pool. You can watch out for footage of that in one of tomorrow’s videos. Also, Mack, PAYH alumnus who was one of the young men who rode on the now legendary 2011 Ride To Omaha to reenact Paul’s ride to Omaha in 1961, joined us today for the ride. He came in last night and hung out and rode today. It was great seeing you, Mack.

And for you die-hard Bike Ride fans, we ran into some old friends from the second Bike Ride, Daniel Hart and his parents, Brig and Lita. Daniel rode on the second ride as a boy at the home and came back for a portion of the next year’s ride as well. And course, Brig kept up with us on his own bike, a Harley. It was great seeing you guys again tonight.

So many amazing people come out to support us on the ride. Folks at home, keep commenting on the posts. Let these boys know you support them. Thanks to the Ponte Vedra Episcopal Church for housing us tonight. (Let us all say a prayer there aren’t motion sensor alarms tonight. Perhaps later in the ride you’ll get to see some highlights from the trip that don’t fit anywhere. One of which is a motion sensor alarm that went off. Twice. Late at night. Like, when everyone was sleeping. And it was an alarm. You know, as in “alarming.” Horrible. Just horrible. There was also screaming in the bathroom. It was sincerely something straight out of a horror novel, only without any actual horror. But that’s a story for another day perhaps. Now focus, please. I want to go to bed tonight.)

Thanks thanks thanks to all for the support. Keep praying. And keep following us online. (Today’s video, featuring Chris’s devotion and a spectacular drone shot, is uploading as we speak.)

Good night, See you tomorrow.

Two. More. Days.

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  1. Wendy says:

    I think you had lunch at Matanzas State Park, where the Matanzas River and the Atlantic Ocean converge. Pretty spectacular place.


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