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Meet Ben

Before coming to the PAYH I was headed down a path of destruction. I was doing illegal things very often and I got in trouble all the time. I had plans to go on to college and get a higher education, but those plans were not realistic given the lifestyle that I had chosen. Since […]


Give me an update on your life since the PAYH. After graduating PAYH I was able to move in with my family in Huntsville Texas. This time with my family was great for me, I was able to get a job as a barista for Starbucks and show my family I could make responsible decisions. […]


Give me an update on your life since the PAYH. I am currently attending Ivytech for a degree in electronic engineering tech. I am also working part time at a preschool. Ive got involved in a great college group for Bible studies where we meet about 2 times a week. How did the bike ride […]

Meet Chase

As a child I never moved around a lot and for the most part I stayed in the Atlanta area. I grew up in a normal home with normal parents where “getting by” had never been a concern. Our family was very close and we spent an extensive amount of time together. I didn’t grow […]

Meet Reese

Before coming to the PAYH my life was not going anywhere. I did not have a sense of direction and just wanted to whatever I wanted and nothing else. School was not going well and my relationship with my parents was not good. They could not trust me because I stole from them frequently. Since […]