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Meet Jesse

Before coming to the PAYH I was living a self destructive life that would have eventually landed me in prison or dead. Growing up I became involved in more and more drugs and different illegal activities. My group of “friends” changed all the time as they continually got worse and worse. Since coming to the […]

Meet Matt

Before coming to the PAYH my life was heading towards disaster. I wasn’t attending school; my relationship with my family was horrible; I couldn’t stay out of trouble with the law. The only things that mattered to me were drugs, alcohol, money, partying, and girls. But, a lot has changed for me in these 14 […]

One week to go

Well, first of all, my name is Charles (aka “The wildcard”) and I will be filling you in on what’s been going on this past week. Last Sunday was the last ride that I went on when I received yet another knee injurt from Mr. help with homework online Motobecane.  The day started off well, except […]

15 days to go

Greetings to everyone! I would like to start with saying thank you to everyone who has supported the Bike Ride. We deeply appreciate it! Training has been going great.  Last week, we rode twice and only had a couple of break downs. We have also been working on staying together since some of us are […]

Training Week 4

So far, I have been the rider with the most mishaps. On the first day my pedal and arm to the pedal fell off. Then on our 6th practice ride a chain of events led to my rear gear change basically exploding into my spokes which led to me not being able to finish the […]

Training Week 3

Hello to all of you who are supporting the ride and reading our updates! This past week I had “mechanical difficulties” with my bike. It was no big deal really…unless you consider the fact that I almost had to walk all the way back to the Youth Home.  Thankfully, Mama Love and the boys stopped […]

Training Week 2

Hello to all the Bike Ride followers! Our last practice ride was best writing paper Thursday. We took a short 15 mile rout in place of PE that morning. Everyone is getting the hang of the road rules, biking lingo, and how to draft and ride efficiently. The one thing that I have not yet […]