Tristan gave us a lot to think about this morning in his devotion. We got to sleep in this morning until seven, which was (ahem) nice. After breakfast, we rode in the van to the starting point and hit the road. It wasn’t long before our inland view gave way to seascapes.

We have several folks to gives thanks to today for their generosity yesterday and this morning. If you made this list, we are very grateful for your support of our riders, the ride, and the change we are riding to see:

  • 91.3 HOPE FM
  • Palatka High School
  • Niko’s Pizza Inc. (Look, we ate way too much of your pizza because we literally could not help ourselves. So good…)
  • Grace Fellowship

Grace Fellowship took great care of us last night and this morning, giving us a cool place to sleep and plenty of activities to give the boys something fun to do while relaxing away the riding fatigue of the day.

Stay tuned for more updates.