Day 1: A Good First Day

The weather was not too bad today. It was warm, but not as hot as it has been. If it keeps up, this year’s ride should be nice. Traffic wasn’t bad either. We did have one little spill, but no one was seriously injured. There was a bike that got a little bent out of shape, but that was soon taken care of.

A great big hearty THANK YOU to Statesboro UMC for feeding us and housing us tonight. They’ll also cook us breakfast in the morning!

Thanks also to everyone who showed up at PAYH this morning to see us off. We love our hometown family!

Specific thanks to Pastor Jimmy Cason, Tim Durden, Kevin Radcliff, and Bill and Karen Wells.  One more: Billy Blanton at The Bike Shop in Statesboro fixed up our mangled bike today for free. He’s good people.


Keep following along. Check out the videos. If you show up on the ride at some point and snap a photo to share on your favorite social media site, be sure to use #payhbikeride so we can see it too! Sleep well everyone. You bet these guys will!

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