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Day 1 Begins In Key West

Last night we stayed at Unity of the Keys church, so we were ready to hit the road this morning at 8:30 am. Starting at the Southern Most Point of the Continental U.S., the riders hit the road this morning enjoying the panoramic view of the keys. Follow us in real time with our Live Trackers. Check out photos (posted later today) and keep watching the videos. Pray for our boys!!!

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  1. Angela Ewart says:

    Great reminder Nick- Love you!

    P.S. Thank you, Eric, for creating these awesome videos for those that have to watch from afar! :)

    • elove says:

      As always, it is my pleasure Angela. We are taking care of your boys! (Or really, they are taking care of us. Victoria said Nick was a huge help on the road crew today. And Daniel is always great.)

  2. Melissa Hightower says:

    So proud of you boys! I kept track of you all day–and you didn’t lose Cody! Awesome job, day one done!

  3. Matthew says:

    Guys, My cousin in Orlando area told me last night she saw you on the news. She and her family are following you on line. She said to tell you that she is so proud of what you are accomplishing, she is unable to walk. Also, the alumni who first rode, Andrew, just sent a gift to support you! Ride on.

  4. Eddie Burris says:

    Thank you for proudly representing the Paul Anderson Youth Home, make yourself proud of the accomplishment most people will never do in life. Love you all and be careful.


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