Day 1 Ends

Today was a great day for kicking of the 2015 Paul Anderson Bike Ride. It was  a beautiful day, overcast for most of it (which is nice on a bike!) and no rain. It was an amazing scenic ride through the Florida Keys. The riders rode a total of 84 miles. There were 8 flats between 3 of the riders. But no one got lost (it would have been challenging since we were on the same road the entire day) and there were no tumbles.

A great big thanks to Island Christian School for giving us warm showers (except for Victoria… sorry Victoria) and cool rooms to sleep in. Horacio, Paula and Phillip (a PAYH alumnus) brought us pizza. Thanks to Island Community Church for helping set all that up.


Would you believe that right now, after 84 miles on a bike, a ton of pizza, swimming at the beach and coke floats, the boys are actually playing basketball and lifting weights in the weight room? Well, they are.

So keep praying, keep tracking us, and keep telling everyone you know to check us out! We ride for change.

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