Day 2: 92 Miles

Today was an easy day. There was a cool, gentle breeze blowing from behind that seemed to give just the right amount of lift to our pedal strokes. An overcast sky and the scent of magnolias kept us company. We were high-fiving and fist-bumping all day it was so grand…

Then we woke up this morning and it was time to ride, our dream of an easy day fading in the blazing hot sun like a child’s ice cream cone dropped on hot pavement at a fair.

It was a hot day. But I don’t need to even say that, do I? 92 miles. And even more tomorrow. But you know what? The boys rode like giants, if giants rode bicycles really well with lots of heart.

Parents: be proud of your boys. They are doing a great job. Debbie Love: be proud of your boy. He’s doing his best.

Sam was boss today. Little Sam, that is. Not Big Sam, even though he believes himself to be the boss everyday. (Some people can’t handle a position of power.) Little Sam, also known as Jeremy by at least one person, did a good job. Watch his videos to see for yourself (coming soon).

Keep praying. Keep following. Challenge everyone you know to give a gift. Imagine if every human being on the planet gave $5. Wow. Figuring out the exchange rate for all those folks would be challenging, but what a sight!

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  1. Dana Anderson says:

    WOW! I was amazed to read that you made your distance today in about 7 hours. It sounds like a smoother day than yesterday. We noticed in re-watching the Day 1 recap today, that there is an actual flash of lightning in the background…so glad you were all safe ‘n sound.

    Praying and cheering for all of you. Go Kent!

    Love, Kent’s Mom

  2. Grandma Cindy says:

    Praying lots, well done today, you are all stars. Thank you to whomever is posting the stories, and videos. I love it. Pround to be Logan’s Grandma

  3. Angela Ewart says:

    Hope you are all rested up!
    So proud of my guys ~Daniel & Nick :)
    Praying for safety, good weather, health, endurance, transformation, and enjoyment for all (riders and support team) on the big day today!!

  4. Ben's dad says:

    Hey, we are all very proud of you guys! Praying for your health and safety…. BTW. It sounds like it might be hot? Best of luck on day three! Look forward to today’s stories!

  5. Melissa Harvey says:

    You guys are doing so great. We are keeping track of your progress down here in Nairobi, where the weather is cold enough that we have a fire in our fireplace — but it seems that you boys have a fire in your hearts! Uncle Jagger, Savannah, Rowan and Jasper (and Aunt Melissa, of course) are cheering for you, Logan!! Love you so much!

  6. Jagger Harvey says:

    Hi Logan
    It looks like the ride is hardly a challenge for you from the pictures Kaitlyn posted. I’m sure it is and we wish we could be there to cheer you on. And it’s great to see that you haven’t lost your exquisite taste in fashion. Good luck with the rest of the ride!


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