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  1. Paula Izaguirre says:

    Hi guys,Im praying for you all.We enjoyed meeting each of you last night .You can do this. I know you can do ALL things through Jesus Christ,He will see you through every mile.He Will give you strength.
    :):):), Amen?Paula Izaguirre

    • elove says:

      Thanks again for the pizza, Paula. It was great to see you guys again, especially Phillip. Take care! Watch out for sharks…

  2. Melissa says:

    Boys–I am just amazed by you. You have set your mind to do this and you’re doing great. I love getting to watch you every day, so big thanks to Eric for making it happen. And Victoria running around in the background making sure everything is done–give her a big hug for her hard work.

    Stay strong, we’re watching and cheering for each of you. Love you all.


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