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Day 2: So far, so good

We had an early flat this morning, but other than that things have gone relatively smoothly, albeit a bit on the warm and sunny side. We are back on the road now after a refueling break. We rested in the lovely city of Middle Of Absolutely No Where, Fl. Thanks to the folks who didn’t know we were using their shade tree for allowing us to rest a spell.

We have a couple really long, straight stretches today – which are tough on bikes. Turns keep things interesting. So far we’ve been a little over 40 miles and have about 50 more to go. Spirits are up. Riders are doing well. Road crew is gettin’ ‘er done.

Keep praying. Safety and hydration are most important to us because the boys are the most important aspect of the ride. Pray for them: Sam, Kent, Joseph, Charles, Willie, Nick and Logan. And pray for Jake, Cody, Daniel, David, Drew and Rebecca. And while you’re at it, pray for Eric, Sam, Victoria and Mason.

Thanks for keeping up!

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  1. Erin Gibson says:

    Prayers from Idaho, Logan hopefully you are not flying over your handle bars, We are so proud of you, all of you. Love you and we are tracking you all. Ride safe and have fun


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