Day 2: Statesboro to Augusta

The riders put in 80 miles today. Overall the day was overcast and, because of that, a bit cooler than what you might expect for August in Georgia. There was a headwind warring against them the entire day, however. Still, they made it to Augusta safe and sound. Reese did take a tumble in a sandy patch, but other than a couple scrapes and an impressive strawberry, he’s just fine.

Jesse was boss today. Be sure to check out his devotion in the Day 2 video and his recap-of-the-day video as well. The recap video shows some of the behind-the-scenes action that you don’t always get to see on bike ride. The perils of directing the riders (spray painting in the middle of the highway), pouring over crazy maps and driving instructions, and even how it is possible to fit eleven bicycles in the trailer in addition to food, clothing bins, and other necessary equipment. Here is a special shout-out to PAYH alumn Nathaniel McCarthy (also a PAYHbikeride alumn from the Road to Omaha 1500 mile trip back in 2011!) who engineered that little miraculous use of space. And because I know Nate is a man of honor, he’d want me to mention that fitting all those bikes on the trailer was a conundrum until Jesse, who happens to be boss today, mentioned elevating one end of alternating bikes. Hence, all that saved space.

Comment on the site to let us know you are out there.

And remember… you may not be on a bike, but we can SHARE THE ROAD. Watch out for cyclists and NEVER text and drive!

Take care, until tomorrow. (Here’s a little preview of tomorrow: Matt will be boss.)

Some special THANK YOUs for today:
First, thanks to the parents and alumn parents who have been joining us on the ride. Daniel, great to have you and Nick back this year! Fritz, if there is something productive going on, there’s a good chance you’re part of it. Glad you are with us. Also, we are thrilled that Bill and Karen could join us last night and then join us again tonight and for a couple of days to come.

Also, our alumn riders: Nick, Kent, Joseph and Cody. We are even glad our brand new PAYH alumn by only two days, Ben is riding with us! We love that you guys come back to share this with us.

Millen UMC had an amazing rest stop for us today and Statesboro UMC once again fed us this morning. It was hard to top last night’s chicken, but this morning’s breakfast hit the spot!

Thanks to FBC Augusta for giving us a place to stay tonight and to Nick and Sue for treating us to Mexican Cuisine at Salsa’s. Augusta is treating us right!

Tonight before we drift off to sleep (and by “we” I mean the only person still awake, one humble blogger), we’d like to give two more shout-outs. Former PAYH staff Kyle Tillman and PAYH and PAYH Bike Ride alumn Jake Sherril, we miss you on the ride this year. Watch the Day 2 Recap video for a special message to the two of you from Drew.

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  1. Dana Anderson says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I check back here many times and love every story, photo, video. We are cheering for you and praying for you all. Thanks for staying up late so we could keep up with the journey.


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