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  1. Grandma Cindy says:

    Loved this Logan. Great job. Keep up the good work. We are ALL following you. Well not right behind you. You know what I mean. Love Gramma Ninja

  2. Dana Anderson says:

    Excellent Recap, Logan! I can’t believe you rode 70 miles before lunch! I am so impressed with what you are all capable of and how you are keeping going. I hope Nick’s dad isn’t hurt too bad – and that he’s OK tomorrow. Thanks for the videos! We watch all day for them and can’t wait to see them.

    Hugs to Kent – We had fun at church today reminding people to tune in to the videos…

  3. Melissa Harvey says:

    Logan, we are keeping track of you! After watching this fantastic video, Rowan and Jasper are practicing saying “GO. LOGAN.” It comes out like “GO Gan!” Close enough, though … we will keep cheering for you! :)

    Aunt Melissa


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