Day 3 was long and eventful, but pleasantly not hot

We got to New Smyrna last night, some a little later than others due to incomplete directions. Bubba and Cindy Cathy hosted us and fed us Chic-fil-A, so thanks Bubba and Cindy and all your friends who spent time with us last night! (Watch for a video highlighting our time at the Cathy’s sometime later today, Lord willing.)

There is a video coming soon where Logan goes over the events of yesterday in detail, and there are lots of details. So, watch the video for the full scoop. I will tell you this: we got rained out. Then we waited the rain out. And then the boys finished the ride, biking a total of 118 miles.

Yeah, insanity, right? 118 miles.

Other than the ton of issues with flats, getting lost, crashing, and inclement weather, it was a god day and the boys did well. Ride on.

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  1. Betty says:

    We are SO very proud of you guys!!! You are representing the PAYH well and seem to be having a good time in doing so. Love you and look forward to seeing you Wednesday! Eddie and Betty


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