Day 3: Who Brought The Rain

“Once we get outside of Augusta, we will pass through the cusp of rain and have sunshine,” said Drew as the riders mounted their sparkling bikes and headed into the overcast morning.

I’ll take What’s False for $1000, Alex. (That’s a Jeopardy reference for those of you who can’t keep up.)

So it rained all day. Nice forecast, Drew. Maybe you should’ve studied forecasting.

It did rain today. But do not worry! When we stopped for lunch, right toward the end, Cody changed into dry clothes because he was cold. Then he mounted his bike and rode into pouring rain. It was a great plan and worked brilliantly! Just ask him, he will explain it. Afterward, you can get a doctor’s excuse to miss a day of work due to burned out brain cells.

In all seriousness, true story.

Matt was boss today and he did great. He made sure Dennis and the pilot car never got lost.

Victoria was on the ride today. Just saying.

Sam got lost at one point, but Michelyn found him. So all’s well that ends well. Sam made it in time for lunch, so he was satisfied.

In truth, it was a great day. One blogger got a little silly at day’s end, but other than that things were pretty good. There was A LOT of rain. (Just watch the video.)

Thanks to Chic-fil-A in Augusta for a great breakfast. Thanks to Jeff and Judy Thompson and Nate and Emily Thompson (alumni family) for lunch today and cow bell enthusiasm. Thanks to Chic-fil-A Beechwood in Athens for a great supper. (Eat more chicken people.)

Thanks to Athens FUMC for giving us a place to shower and sleep.

Thanks to all you followers out there. Remember, when life gives you lemons, put on dry clothes and ride a bike into the rain.

Peace out girl scouts.

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