Day 4: Beach Side

Bubba and Cindy Cathy fed us last night and this morning, as well as provided outstanding accommodations at New Smyrna. Unfortunately, the weather prohibited a swim in the ocean, but by dark it was fair enough to enjoy the pool and hot tub – which several boys did. Other boys, like Logan and Kent, slipped silently into a meditative coma in honor of the 118 miles they rode yesterday.

We were up this morning bright and early. Charles is the boss today (look for his video coming soon). Bubba and Cindy led us out on the road today on a tandem bike and then followed us a ways on their hogs (that’s Harley in another kind of biker language; actually, Bubba rode a Hog and Cindy rode a Honda Rebel – a Piglet, we’ll say). You can see that in Charlse’s video as well. You’ll also see Bubba and Drew’s branding for a brand new restaurant idea, so check it out.

It is a little warmer today, but the riders don’t seem to mind. View makes all the difference in the world and for most of the day today the view will be just right. We just had a quick refuel stop at Flagler Beach. Logan, Kent and Drew had a little spill this morning. The only sign of it is a minor scrape on Logan’s elbow, one his surrogate PAYH mother bandaged for him. (That is an inside joke between a certain blogger and Logan. Who is the surrogate mother? I can’t tell you. But I can say he also does a bit of blogging on the side.)

Keep those comments coming, family and friends! The boys like hearing from you. Keep praying. Keep telling your friends. And we’ll keep riding (most of us on bicycles).

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  1. Jhoanna Lunetta says:

    I love hearing from the boys hearts. Thank you Logan and Charles for sharing your stories. You fill my heart with hope for the other boys who are “younger” in their walk through this special time at PAYH, especially a certain young man I know very well. May all the boys grow more and more like the man God intended them to be through this experience. Love u Guys!

  2. Karyn & Kevin Carroll says:

    We are excited to host you tonight at our home and new pool We have burgers and dogs ready to grill. Make sure to bring your swimsuits! See you soon!

  3. Karyn & Kevin Carroll says:

    We are excited to host you guys for dinner and swimming at our home and new pool tonight. Bring your suits! Get ready for some burgers and dogs on the grill!

  4. erin gibson. mom says:

    Hey Logan and boys, you are doing an amazing job. I love you logan and stay strong and try to stay on your bike.

  5. Melissa Harvey says:

    Logan, your cousin Savannah says that she hopes you had lots of bandaids for your elbow, because nothing can feel better without bandaids. I tried to explain to her that you were a tough soul, but she is quite insistent. Everyone in Kenya is rooting for you, and Beatrice says “Safari Njema” which is Kiswahili for “Have a good and safe journey.” That’s what we’re all praying for … for all of you riders!

    Love you,
    Aunt Melissa


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