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  1. Angela Ewart says:

    Thank you so much for posting all these great video updates, I love being able to see how God is working there :)

  2. Grandpa Mike says:

    Hi Logan, Congratulations on surviving the longest day! You are awesome. What a blessing God has given us to allow you to go to the one place where you can find yourself. Blood is such an important part of our life. From the precious blood of Jesus shed to save us from all our sins to the family that you have that will always be there for you. Blood without love is nothing – Jesus loves you and so do we. That perfects the blood in your life. Stay strong. I hope we can see you in the flesh soon. Love you bunches – Grandpa

  3. Dana Anderson says:

    So much fun watching this video. Charles was quick to share any praise with the rest of the group. No wonder you were all encouraging him. I was wondering about the Chick-Fil-A ish logo and wondered what it was….so glad it got explained. :-) Very fun. Praying for you all as you get toward the end. I hope you are all holding up and will be able to finish well.

    Go Kent!

  4. Diane S Culpepper says:

    Another great video. Boss Charles did a great job. I enjoyed your talk and you said a wonderful prayer. God is great and is working in all of your lives. Have a blessed and safe day tomorrow. Love and prayers, Aunt Diane

  5. Rosa Lee says:

    Gnat-Fil-A = Hilarious!!

    Charles, this is Taylor’s mom. I am so very proud of you and all of the riders. Remember what Drew said about your heart? Taylor has always described you in the same manner. I am praying for your safety as well as your future.



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