Day 4 Is Done… Like Good Chicken

It was a hot and hilly day. Reese was boss. We had lots of folks taking care of us today. I will try to thank everyone at the end of this blog.

Chase had many flats today. It may have been a faulty tire. Reese estimates that Chase had ten flats. Reese also was operating on only partial power when he made that estimate. (See his recap video for Day 4.) Matt, too, had a blow-out and had to replace his tire, not just his tube. That wasn’t the most interesting thing that happened to Matt, however. He also drifted into lala land at one point. The road turned but he didn’t. Instead he bounded down a hill and smashed himself on the handlebars. But then, after a healthy ice pack, he mounted again and rode the rest of the way.

There was also a mix up at one point. Six riders missed a turn because it wasn’t marked. The painters did not spray paint bright orange arrows at that particular turn because there were supposed to be warm bodies standing there to instruct the riders to turn. However, those warm bodies were off buying marshmallows. No one knows why. But we hope you enjoyed those marshmallows, Bill and Karen.

Later, Samneric (that’s for you Lord of the Flies fans…), being the true servants they are, closed up the trailer and van and set off like trackers of yesteryear, only with iPhones, in search of the lost party. The lost folks were hunkered down at a Dunkin Donuts. Dangerous stuff. By the time Samneric got to the DD, the lost riders had been extracted by Michelyn. Samneric, the true servants they are, spit and threatened to stomp someone and then went to meet up with everyone else. Everyone else was swimming by then. Samneric had already went on one rescue mission to save Matt and Drew when Matt blew his tire.

Have you hugged a road crew member today?

Now for thank yous.

Jarryd Wallace shared his testimony with the riders, families, and road crew this morning. His story was inspiring and certainly gave all of us something to think about. He challenged us to take advantage of the opportunities to express JOY. Thanks Jarryd and Jennifer Garret, the Parkers (who opened their home) and all the folks in Athens who fed us and took time on a Sunday morning to hang out with us.

Thanks also to Joe Frost, a PAYH alumni parent, and Central Community Church for providing us with lunch today.

Bubba and Cindy Cathy have been gracious guests to us once again this year on bike ride. They treated us to dinner tonight and provided us with a place to lay our weary heads. Bubba and Cindy have blessed on many bike rides through the years and we also love having an opportunity to spend a little time with them!

Tomorrow, more pictures should make their way onto the site so keep an eye for those! And as always, keep praying and keep commenting.

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  1. Jan Holt says:

    So proud of you guys! What you are doing is awesome! I am praying God will give you strength and show Himself strong to you as you finish your ride!


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