Day 4 PM 082

Day 4 Recap

First of all, let me apologize for not capturing the audio from Tyler’s devotion today at lunch. But in my defense, there was a lot going on. Specifically, the Bagel Chicken Philoper. (Go here to learn more on that.) Anyway, the show must go on.

Today was hot, and there was a good bit of rain. However, it was a smooth day with no major problems. (Other than one injury sustained during video production. I stubbed my toe and ripped half my middle toenail off. Don’t laugh.) So yay!

We are always grateful for all the many people who support us while on the ride. Today we were joined by Cliff (on a bike) and Jeff (cowbell in hand) Thompson. Jeff is an alumni parent from way back. (Shout out to Nate… Day 6!) Also, Karen Wells joined us today, another alumni parent. She worked as a support vehicle today along with Christine, Fran and Victoria. And Sam, of course. Tonight, Bill and Jesse, PAYH alumnus and 2014 Bike Rider, came in to hang out tonight and see us on the road part of the day tomorrow.

Redeemer Luther Church provided our breakfast this morning. The YMCA of Melbourne fed us tonight – fantastic sandwiches, hotdogs and fried chicken… and the best part? They fed us as soon as we came off the road. They also let us use their showers, and all of Florida should be grateful to them for that! Tonight, we are staying at Discover Life Church in Melbourne. It is a fantastic place to sleep, even though we set off a motion sensor alarm and woke the world. But Discover Life has been great, even when we came barging in like neanderthals, making noise equivalent to a Black Friday stampede, interrupting their class. (Sorry again, guys. We are cavemen and women.)

So good day. Now, goodnight. Keep watching. Keep tracking. (We know we’ve been having issues with the trackers. Hopefully we’ll get that squared away soon.

See you tomorrow on the road to New Smyrna.

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  1. Mona Robinson says:

    We enjoyed having you all. We are sending prayers your way! Until next time our brothers and sisters in Christ! Finish your race we are behind you in funds and spirit.

    God Bless,
    Mona Robinson


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