Day 4 Timelapse

So here is the story behind this video. I needed someone to mount the GoPro to their bike and get some footage. Cody volunteered. He was very excited. I taught him to turn it on, start the recording, and stop the recording. Later I found there was no need. I started it for him just before he pulled out and then stopped it for him two hours later long after he had stopped riding and passed out in a park during lunch. I almost fried my GoPro and nearly shut down my Macbook. What could I possibly use 2 hours of GoPro footage for? It was too large to edit much. Then I had a thought, and this is the result. Two hours in six minutes, an immersive  experience that takes you inside bike ride like nothing else. You may get bored with it but I have to say: the last 15 or 20 seconds are my favorite.

Day 4 Time Lapse from PAYH on Vimeo.

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