Day 6

Ben was our boss today. It was a shorter ride, but the hills were still there. And the heat. But the boys rode hard and finished mid-afternoon. There were no spills or flats to speak of today. Drew did have a call-in opportunity for folks to dial in for a conference call bike ride update. Thanks to everyone who joined for us for that. Bill and Karen left us today, but they will be back. (Say Hi to Neil for us!)

Thanks again are due to many. Again, Mountain View Baptist fed us a fantastic breakfast today.

Craig and Michelle Craddock hosted us at their Chic-fil-A store on Zebulon Road in Macon. We had a feast! Literally. Plus, the Chic-fil-A cow helped Reese and Matt eat their dinner. (Check out the video.) Also thanks to Paul and Becky White from the Eagle’s Landing Chic-fil-A store. Both these stores participated in our Win A Free Bike this year, along with several others throughout the cities we visited.

Finally, thanks to Vineville Methodist Church for giving hot showers and a cool place to lay our weary heads.

Tomorrow, we go home. Tonight, I will have the Day 6 Recap video put together and on the site, but be patient. We had a busy night and I am only now getting around to starting the video.

For all of you who have followed us online and all the parents who joined us for legs of the trip, thanks. Your support has been fantastic. For all of you planning to meet us in Vidalia for our homecoming… we will see you guys tomorrow.

P.S. The featured photo for this blog was provided by our Boss of the Day’s cousins. Levi and Jude: we love the support!

P.S.S. Also to be noted: Mason has been helping out with photos the last two-three days…… The views and opinions expressed through Mason’s photography does not reflect the views and opinions of the Paul Anderson Youth Home, the PAYH Bike Ride, or the staff and volunteers of the Paul Anderson Youth Home or PAYH Bike Ride. (Disclaimer now stated, enjoy Mason’s pics.)

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