Day 6 Is Done

We arrived at Bethesda this afternoon, cleaned the bikes and van, had supper, showered and lounged around for awhile before going out for ice cream.

It was a short day today, comparatively speaking. The boys are clearly tired and today was a hot day (we have given up the ocean breeze). But we only have one more day to go. Tomorrow will be 101 miles. Then we will be done.

I am working on Willie’s two videos for today: his devotion and his recap for the day. Both have been edited but my equipment is on the brink of a mental collapse. It keeps failing to properly export the files. But never fear. I will get them up! Unless, of course, I don’t. But the good news is there will be a DVD available for all you parents who are interested in keeping these memories forever.

Also, there weren’t many photos taken today. Actually, I don’t think there were any. And since I do the photos, videos and blog updates, I should know. Sorry about that. I had another kind of video interview to record today and that threw off my stride.

The important thing is all the boys are safe and sound. Also: only two flats today – and neither of those were the boys. Sam’s dad rode with us and had a flat (is brother rode with us as well!). Then, at the very last stop, Drew had a flat. Otherwise, no flats.

Also, Jake tried to ride using only one leg (since his right knee is no good) but Drew made him get in the van. There is a clip of him in Willie’s second video to show just how helpful he was in the van. Inspiring! (But he was the ONLY rider who ventured across the bridge yesterday into St. Simons. Drew felt the headwind – which was fierce on the ground – would be too dangerous on top of the bridge. Unfortunately, he was unable to catch Jake before he began his assent. The other boys, or Logan at least, were pretty bummer that they, too, did not get to cross the bridge. This even though once Jake made it to the other side he said it was best that none of the did it, that the only reason he finished is because he started and had to. It was rough. The whole joy of climbing a bridge like that (there is a short clip that shows it at the end of Random Highlights Volume 4) is the swift descent on the other side, but Jake kept his brakes on the entire time he came down, the wind was so fierce.

So good call Drew.

One more day. Our boys have been amazing.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    I am so proud of everyone!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this bike ride happen!! God Bless you!! This was a very exciting week.


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