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  1. Dana Anderson says:

    Nick – You did a great job with your devotion. So glad you decided to go for it and do your best, because it was really worth hearing.

    Loved this video. It is hard to believe that today is your homecoming. I hope you all get a good night’s sleep in your own cozy beds.

  2. Amy Petrie says:

    Great speaking and devotional Nick! The Fetterer crew has been following you and your Dad on the ride, and are happy to hear you made it to the end! Well done…at least one of you made it in one piece!

    We love you!
    Amy, Tim, Lucy & Joey

  3. Jhoanna Lunetta says:

    Thanks to Nick for sharing his heart with everyone. Years ago I may have driven by this group of guys on their bikes and only had a fleeting curiosity about why they are riding. It has been such a blessing to hear from and get to know each of these incredible young men on a much more personal level. Monthly visits are so short, and often times we only see them for a few hours and therefore can’t get to see who they really are on the inside. Thank you to each guy and of course to Eric for giving us a glimpse into what God is doing in their hearts and why they ride.

  4. Kathleen Hruby says:

    Hi Nick,
    Loved hearing your testimony. Glad you were able to change at Paul Anderson. It has completely changed Casey going away, I know you are on the right track. I’m very impressed by your challenging bike ride. Tells me have the strength do to anything with the Lords help. Looking forward to seeing you again. Love Kathy


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