2016 Riders at Payne House

Day Four is happening NOW!

Day three was not a bad day at all. The Tingles/Paynes took great care of us last night, providing a sweet place to lay our weary heads and rest our weary sit muscles. Tuckston Methodist Church fed us and let us hang out a bit. We may have gotten things out of order, but we began the evening with ice cream and coffee. Before crashing back at the home place, the boys and staff romped around the UGA campus, given a tour by alumnus Matthew Hendley. It also turns out Matthew is a Pokemon GO master… too bad he doesn’t actually have the game on his phone.

But now it is day four. The humidity is still the humidity, but it’s overcast and, relatively speaking, cool. But let’s talk about the hills.

There are hills.

Fritz and Deven are the vanguard of the group, and today for most of the morning they were joined by our Toccoa friend, Sean. (Sean, if that’s not how you spell your name, perhaps you should consider changing the spelling. I’m hard of spelling, and Sam-that’s Sam the van driver, whom we affectionately like to call Old Sam and unaffectionately like to call Bitter Lemon- is my spell check.) Jovel and Trevor have been pulling rear guard this morning.

We just had our first break for the day and are eagerly awaiting lunch.

Oh, did I mention the fabulous french toast provided by Emma and Dale this morning? Huh? No? I didn’t? Well that’s for the best. It’d only make you jealous.

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