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Good End To Day 2

We got to have supper with Jack and Janet Fields tonight, PAYH alumni parents who are both friends and partners with us. They hosted us along with lots of their friends for a delicious supper and a magnificent cake. You have to see it… go here to see pictures of the cake. You will also get to see an image of the traffic we ran into in Miami.

But first, let me back up.

We left the Keys behind us today. After biking out of Islamorada, enjoying a little bit cooler weather and a nice, cool shower, we headed north. After a while, the nice shower turned into a lightning storm. Most had made it to our breaking point for lunch, but a few had to hitch a ride in the Victoriamobile. While we waited out the storm, Mac treated us to lunch at McDonalds. At least one rider, including today’s boss, Cody, would later regret that Big Mac.

After considering whether or not we should load up or risk the storm, eventually Drew made the call to ride as far as they could since the weather had improved. Turns out, they finished the ride for the day, going about 75 miles in all. The ride ended at Pinecrest Gardens where PAYH alumnus rider Reese and his family were interviewed about the ride by the Miami Herald!

Then we loaded up the bikes and spent the next eternity and a half stuff in traffic. Well, that was an exaggeration by a half eternity or so.

But eventually we did make it to Parkridge Church in Coral Springs, who are graciously hosting us tonight and providing us with a quiet place to sleep (except for Sam who makes night noises), and Jack and Janet for supper and fellowship. It was a long, hot day, but a good day. No one got hurt, and that is awesome. Traffic on the road while biking got a little crazy a time or two. Not too many flats (only one that I know of). So a good day.

Remember to tell everyone you know to check out the blog and support a rider. Or several. Or support a road crew member. And just as importantly, PRAY. Pray for the safety of our riders and team and that we could reach people on the road. Pray that our current young men who are riding this year will be challenged and changed by the experience. And pray that our alumni and alumni parents, who are truly a treasure in so many ways, would be blessed as much as they have blessed us by returning to ride with us again.

Look for a short video later tonight highlighting our last few miles in the Keys, and another video sometime tomorrow morning with Cody’s recap for today. It was a busy night and I didn’t get as much edited as I wanted, but you have plenty of pictures to enjoy and *fingers crossed* one video with a great view of the wilderness we trekked through the leave the Keys. That’s all I can do tonight. After all, even videographers/photographers/bloggers gotta sleep.

Until tomorrow, ride strong and sleep deep.

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