It’s hot on the road….

So Day 1 of the 2016 PAYH Bike Ride was hot. Not a little hot. It was, like, a lot hot. We travelled from Vidalia to Millen.

But let me tell you about the folks at Millen United Methodist Church. They fed us giant chickens (Everyone knows giant chickens taste the best.), with the fixings to go with them (including a cheese cake that could rearrange the planets). Those guys took fantastic care of us. Even breakfast. Breakfast was a spread this morning featuring fresh, sliced peaches and a couple delicious breakfast casseroles that were game changes.

That got Day 2 cooking the right way. Then, on the road, Day 2 began cooking the wrong way. You might find this surprising, but today was hot. Not a little hot. It’s like, a lot hot.

Sam is boss today. If you haven’t seen his devotion from this morning, check out his video. For that matter, you can also check out Deven’s recap of day one. Deven isn’t the boss until day six, but that’s the last day and he will not be able to do an end-of-the-day then so he took care of day one.

Tonight, we are in Lincolnton and will be hosted by Larry and Mary-Hunt Murray tonight, so we are looking forward to that.

Our trackers have been belligerent and we haven’t been able to keep them working. Apologies for that. We have the best minds from the third row van seat working on it.

Go sponsor a rider, if you haven’t already. Help us reach our goal! See you on the roads tomorrow.

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