Last Leg Of The Last Day…….

We just left Reidsville and only have 25 miles left on the 2013 Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge. We should be pulling into PAYH around 5:00 to 5:30 this afternoon.

We’ve had Sam’s family riding along with us today, as well as yesterday. Thanks to them for joining us. And a special thanks to Daniel, Nick’s father, for riding the entire ride – over 400 miles of it with 7 stitches in his hand! Unbelievable. Thanks to Sam for riving the van. It wouldn’t be bike ride without you, Sam. And for Victoria’s first full bike ride, she did an amazing job. I always get nervous when I find out Michelyn isn’t going to be with us on the ride, but we were in good hands with Victoria this year. Thanks and good job, Victoria.

Spirits are up. This is it. We ride home.

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  1. Gramma Cindy says:

    Kind of sad, that it is over, but what an accomplishment. Everyone hhould be very proud. It was great following you everyday. Thank you for letting us “in” on the ride. Many prayers and much love to all.


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