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BikeRide2014-0106Before coming to the PAYH I was headed down a path of destruction. I was doing illegal things very often and I got in trouble all the time. I had plans to go on to college and get a higher education, but those plans were not realistic given the lifestyle that I had chosen.

Since coming to the Youth Home I have seen many changes in my life. The biggest changes have been in my work ethic and my relationships, specifically, with my parents.

I will be graduating this month and and have plans to go to school and then get a job in Greenville, SC. I am very excited for this and I believe that the PAYH has taught me the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle that is pleasing to God.

How is training going?

So far, the Bike Ride training has been going great! The boys all look really good and I am confident that we will be a very strong group.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the Ride?

My biggest challenge so far has been staying hydrated. I drink much more water than every one else, so I have to learn to conserve. On one of the training rides, I drank 45 oz of water in 15 miles! That was ALL of my water and we were only 1/2 way done.

Why are you participating in the Ride?

I ride for my family. Before coming to the PAYH I would have just been apathetic to any task or challenge.I see the Bike Ride as an opportunity to put my words into action and show my family how far I have come. It is also to show them that I am capable of completing the challenges set before me.

How much money would you like to raise by people sponsoring you?

I would like to raise $3,500 via sponsors!

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6 replies
    • John David Strickland says:

      I love you man. You look fantastic, and I’m pumped watching this video. You look like the same great friend you’ve always been bro. Keep up the good work, I hope I can see you soon!

  1. Andy Mclean says:

    Ben, really enjoyed hearing about this event. The ride looks fantastic. We are so proud of you and how far you have come. Congratulations and good luck with the ride. Stay hydrated!

    The Mcleans

  2. Linda Edwards says:

    Hey Ben,
    We are SO PROUD of you! Can’t wait to what other great things God has in store for you in the upcoming years.
    The Edwards Family.

  3. Feeney Family says:

    Ben — Have a great ride. Congrats on your accomplishments. We are all very proud of you! — Feeney Family

  4. Kaci says:

    Ben, We are so proud of your accomplishments!!! You look great, can’t wait to see you in person!!!! Jude and Levi love watching your video’s. They really laugh when you say chicken is your favorite dessert! WE LOVE YOU– Kaci, Chad and boys


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