Name: Bradley

Age: 18

Hometown: Gainesville, Ga.

Why he’s at PAYH: Bradley struggled to overcome his drug use as a teenager. He realized he needed help and could not overcome this addiction on his own and the Paul Anderson Youth Home was the right place for him to overcome this addiction.

Turning Point: Before his time at the Paul Anderson Youth Home, he was living day to day. His sole concern was how he was going to get high that day. He has now overcome his drug addiction and is realizing that his future is bright with plenty of good things in store for him.  

What are you most looking forward to about the Bike Ride?

In addition to seeing the Bike Ride as something that will be a lot of fun, Bradley sees it as a major privilege to participate in it. He is looking forward to the sense of achievement that he will feel once he accomplishes this challenge.

“I get to further my education here. I am getting better grades and a higher GPA so I can go to college and achieve my goals in the future.”

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