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Bike-Ride-Training-060314-003-copyAs a child I never moved around a lot and for the most part I stayed in the Atlanta area. I grew up in a normal home with normal parents where “getting by” had never been a concern. Our family was very close and we spent an extensive amount of time together.

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, or a home of any religion; but the moral code was always very strict. My parents taught me to be kind, thoughtful, and open minded. I was raised to be articulate and literate. All of this was so that I could be a “good person,” not to serve God.

In 2009 I experienced real pain for the very first time in my life when my grandmother died. This began a downward spiral in my life. Two years later, I fell in with a group of friends that introduced me to the world of drugs. Everything started out as a social practice, but as time went by, the drugs and alcohol are what I began to run to as an escape.

The use of drugs and alcohol became a bridge to an entirely different social group. Eventually this led to the pressure of diving into criminal acts and immoral practices. I was smoking, drinking, fighting, and having sex; and it still wasn’t enough. So, I began stealing.

In July of 2012 I broke into a home with people still inside. I was detained and would enter into my second probation term. Having been there before, I just went through the motions and cheated my way through. I kept smoking pot and drinking until I got caught.

I was sent to an outpatient rehab for drugs and alcohol, but my mentality did not change. So, I took, and failed drug tests but continued using. My failure to comply led to my arrest and my families decision to send me to the Paul Anderson Youth Home.

On February 9th of this year I gave my life to Christ. My desire to serve has sky rocketed!

I am currently working hard to change my life and want to make things easier on the people around me. I have been reborn to a faithful man of Christ and the greed which once consumed me is now gone!

How is training going?

Bike Ride training has helped me begin the work of changing my life. We have to look out for each other on the road. It is hard (both generally and for me personally) to have that trust in others. To ride 100 miles a day on a bike and entrust my being to the other men in front and behind is definitely a challenge. While that’s hard now, I am not sure whether or not it will actually change.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the Ride?

I feel that learning to do things not on my own but with others support will be my biggest challenge for the 560 mile ride!

Why are you participating in the ride?

I have had a commitment problem in the past. I don’t do well seeing things through. While it has been getting better, I am hoping to use the bike ride to push through and finish something despite the hardships. Hopefully it can become a habit so that I will be able to push through obstacles throughout my life. The bike ride is going to be a perfect opportunity to grow and mature. I am looking forward to it!

How much money would you like to raise by people sponsoring you?

I would like to raise $2,000.

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