Name: Cody

Age: 17

Hometown: McDonough, Ga.

Why he’s at PAYH: Cody and his parents struggled as his drug use and theft problems increased. He surrounded himself with friends who made poor choices before he turned to the Paul Anderson Youth Home for a fresh start.

Turning Point: Cody became a Christian a few months into his time at the Paul Anderson Youth Home. He has seen this tremendously influence the way he shows respect to authority and controls his emotions.

What are you most looking forward to about the Bike Ride?

He is looking forward to some time away from the home and hanging out with his friends while experiencing the Florida Keys for the first time. He also is looking forward to pushing himself to see how far he can go on the bike.

“When I first walked into the Paul Anderson Youth Home, I didn’t really like God. I was more like ‘he’s not real. If he were real, I wouldn’t be here.’ Eventually, I started realizing He is real, and I’m here for a purpose.”

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