Name: Graham

Age: 18

Hometown: Augusta, Ga. 

Why he’s at PAYH: Due to his drug use, Graham struggled academically in school. After he was suspended from school due to illegal activities, his parents turned to the Paul Anderson Youth Home to restore their relationship with him and to get his life back on track.  

Turning Point: Five or six months into his time at PAYH, Graham’s perspective on how he viewed life changed. He realized the physical, spiritual and mental growth he was experiencing in a short amount of time. He knows this is just the beginning of learning new things every day.

What are you most looking forward to about the Bike Ride?

At first, Graham was a little nervous about biking along the road with cars whizzing by, but he is excited to experience the Florida Keys and bike along the coast of Florida.   

“I cannot wait to look back on this Bike Ride and say ‘I rode over 650 miles.’ It’s something I never imagined I would do. That’s pretty crazy.”

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