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Bike-Ride-Training-060314-026-copyBefore coming to the PAYH my life was heading towards disaster. I wasn’t attending school; my relationship with my family was horrible; I couldn’t stay out of trouble with the law. The only things that mattered to me were drugs, alcohol, money, partying, and girls.

But, a lot has changed for me in these 14 months. Prior to my time here, my parents and I were not able to be in a room together for more than two minutes without an argument. Now, we can spend four hours together enjoying each others company on our monthly visits. I went from a 16 year old who never went to school to an 18 year old who is about to finish high school and has worked very hard to keep straight A’s.

The biggest change that I have seen in myself has been going from a 16 year old boy sitting in a RYDC (Youth Detention Center), locked up with no hope to a young man who will be attending college soon, getting a job, and being able to be a part of my family again. The PAYH showed me grace by giving me a Home and taking me out of a cell and a jump suit and molded me into a young man full of hope.

How is training going?

The hardest part of training is probably how far and how long we ride. It’s exhausting!

(Editors Note: Up until this point the longest ride that the boys have completed is 60 miles. On the Bike Ride we will have several days that come close to 100 miles! They have no idea what’s in store for them.)

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the Ride?

Not quitting on myself. I want to accomplish getting past the voice in my head telling me I can’t do it.

How much money would you like to raise by people sponsoring you?

I haven’t really thought about the money part, but every penny that our sponsors are willing to give helps each rider accomplish their goals and allows them and their families witness something that they never thought would be possible.

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