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Bike-Ride-Training-060314-017-copyBefore coming to the PAYH my life was not going anywhere. I did not have a sense of direction and just wanted to whatever I wanted and nothing else. School was not going well and my relationship with my parents was not good. They could not trust me because I stole from them frequently.

Since I came to the PAYH I have gained a lot of confidence and have discovered that I have the ability to do things I did not think I could do before.

How is training going?

Bike Ride training is going well, but it is not easy. The hardest part has been the soreness. After we ride my legs hurt pretty bad.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the Ride?

The hardest thing for me on the ride is going to be having the energy to ride consistently for so long.

Why are you participating in the ride?

I ride because I thinkg it is going to be fun and it will be a good accomplishment. I am hoping to gain some leg muscle as well!

How much money would you like to raise by people sponsoring you?

I would like to see us reach our $150,o00 goal and more if possible.

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  1. Aunt Diana & Uncle JR says:

    We are proudly following you from Charlotte. Delighted you have accepted this challenge!! Love you!


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