Meet the Riders


Codename: Heart Throb, A.k.a. The Other One
Blogmasters sidenote: no one is sure why Drew’s codename is “Heart Throb”

Favorite Time of Day: Game Time

Favorite Football Team: University of Georgia.  GO DAWGS!!!!!

Favorite Meal:  Shrimp and Grits
Favorite Pet:  My goldfish

Favorite Dessert:  Sahara (Blogmaster’s sidenote:  Yes, the Sahara is a desert…and even though it is also Drew’s favorite “dessert,” he has never been there personally.)

From the cyclist’s mouth:
Some of the biggest changes that have taken place in me since becoming a part of the PAYH family has been my attitude towards everything (literally).  My relationship with Christ, my respect for authority, my care for people, and the trust I’ve gained back from my family.  The thing I am most looking forward to on the bike ride is actually completing the 500+ miles.  This will be a major accomplishment for me!  After graduation, I plan on attending college and pursuing a career in the medical field.

Codename: Caboose

Favorite Meal: Fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, neck bones and rice

Favorite Grade: A

Favorite Dessert: Oreo Blizzard

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Pet: Dog

From the cyclist’s mouth:
The biggest change I’ve experienced since being at the home is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Galatians 2:20 says “I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith through the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”  I am looking forward to the bike ride but am expecting the pain to be one of the biggest things I remember after it’s over because I know there’s going to be a lot. My plan when I graduate is to enlist in the army and maybe become a ranger.

Codename: Athlete (self-dubbed)

Favorite Animal: chicken

Favorite Board Game: Candyland

Favorite Meal: Chicken
Blogmaster’s sidenote: Evan enjoys a good meal, as many in his list of favorites can attest (favorite animal, favorite board game…)

Favorite Dessert: strawberries

Favorite Grade: 8th

From the cyclist’s mouth:
The biggest change for me since coming to the PAYH is the relationship with God. This is something that did not exist before I came here. On the bike ride, I am most looking forward to eating, sleeping, and being with my family. I will also enjoy being off campus and having time away from the other boys. Right now I have no specific plan for after I graduate.

Codename: Jukebox

Favorite Coffee: Starbucks Sumatra with hazelnut cream, 2 level spoonfuls of sugar, and a dollop of Cool Whip

Favorite Board Game: Mad Gab
Blogmaster’s sidenote: this may be because Michael has the “gift of gab”

Favorite Grade: 89.95%

Favorite Time of Day: Bedtime

From the cyclist’s mouth:
My biggest change since coming to the youth home would have to be my physical development. When I came here fifteen months ago, I was about 215 pounds of flab. Since that time, I have dropped about 30 pounds and am putting on muscle. My max bench press has significantly increased and will continue to do so.  On this bike ride, I am most looking forward to coming home with a handful of stories that will make other people wish that they had been there.  After I graduate, I plan on going to college and getting my bachelors degree in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Urban Missiology. Bottom line, I will be training to become an urban missionary. My first choice for a college is Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Codename: Champion

Favorite Time of Day: 9:55 a.m.

Favorite Board Game: Risk

Favorite Christmas Carol: “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”

Favorite Pet: Turbo, my old dog (may he rest in peace)

Favorite Coffee: Black. Caffeinated.

From the cyclist’s mouth:
The biggest change I’ve experienced since coming to the PAYH concerns how I treat people. God has convicted me to treat my family and peers with compassion.I’m looking forward to learning about cycling so that I can involve myself in this sport after graduation. I’m looking forward to college and plan to major in missions. I want to impact the world for Jesus Christ because of the work He has done in my life.

Codename: Drafter (because he likes to “draft” behind others; see his interview video)

Favorite Animal: Frogs

Favorite Board Game: Cranium

Favorite Coffee: the darkest stuff you’ve got

Favorite Meal: Beef Tenderloin with a peppercorn sauce and a side of Eric’s (of Love-Bacon fame) garlic mashed potatoes

From the cyclist’s mouth:
Before coming to the youth home I had experienced rock bottom. I had grown up in the church but never really understood what a relationship with Christ was all about. At the age of twelve I stood before my church and confessed Christ before the congregation. But, I stopped there and never really put it into action. When I arrived at the PAYH the first thing that I was taught was that believing in Christ is all about the way you live. A question that convicted me was, if you are a Christian, is there any evidence to prove it? Since then every day has been an opportunity for me to prove my faith. I thank God that He has changed my heart and now I have a relationship with Him that’s real. I’m looking forward to spreading the word about the home and encouraging people on the bike ride. It’s a fun way for me to give back. After I graduate from the home, I plan on going to a community college to study Culinary Arts or Hotel Restaurant Management.