A picture slide-show of memories from this year’s bike ride

Home At Last!

The final ride of the 2010 Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge

Midway on the last day

The Bib vs. SAMtastic

Kyle is boss of day 7

A tribute to Jonathon

Jake’s Devotion

Jake’s Mid-day Update

Day 6 and Jake is boss!

Day 5 ends up at Camp Twin Lakes

Topical discussions on calves and stuff

Armand’s devotion

It’s the beginning of day 5, and standing in for Armand, today’s boss of the day (who is in absentia due to being present at a local prayer breakfast), former boss Cliff and film-maker Eric (see “Jake Beside Himself” and “Brad the ripped lifeguard” below) introduce the day

A short motivational movie about biker safety, entitled “Jake Beside Himself”

A short, inspirational film entitled “Brad the ripped lifeguard”

Cliff gives an update and the boys enjoy swimming and Chic-fil-A

Take a look at Drew on day 4

Insight into the giving nature of Eric and the adversity he faces

Cliff’s lunch-time-day-4-up-date

Cliff’s devotion for day 4

A special shout-out to Donald… plus a very special DAY 4 song written by Jake, Matt, Brad and Eric

New day, new boss. Cliff takes the helm.

You know it. You love it. KTOK.

Brad’s motivational end-of-the-day update

Day 3 shenanigans

Brad’s mid-day update

On the road on day 3

It’s Day 3, and Brad is boss!

Final report from Matt for Day 2, delivered from beautiful Cloudland Canyon (which I think may be Look Out Mountain).

This has nothing to do with the bike ride, but Eric and Matt LOVE this video and even used it in one of our own, so I thought it might be nice to share it with everyone

Matt gives us an update of Day 2! (and Drew sings…)

A dedication video for Mr. Cathy and John Dixon for helping us with a van… and a good look at the challenges of the day (the hills are MUCH steeper than this video shows!).

Side Stories from Day 2: coffee pots, fallen dynasties, etc… you know, the usual

Day 2, Matt is boss and everything is looking up (up hill, that is)

A sneak peak at Day 2 (Matt is Boss) with a behind-the-scenes look at him preparing for his morning devotion.

Silver Comet Trail and Van Confusion

Day 1… Not a typical Bike Ride day.

Trouble Strikes!

Leaving PAYH, heading to Jonesboro

Interview With The Riders

Eric joins in on the training fun. In this video, he trains with Jake.

Crash Test Dummies

Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge: LET’S RIDE!

An Awareness Test: Public Service Announcement