Picture Slideshow: Days 6 & 7

“Quickly” Approaching Vidalia

Day 7 Updates: Kyle Is Boss

Picture Slideshow For Days 4, 5 & 6

Road Crew Food Dilemma

Shout Out To Clarke’s! Plus Savannah In The Afternoon…

10 or 22 Miles…

Welcome Back Hoyt & Ruby!

What’s Up Patrick?

(A Response To Your Video To Us)

Day 6 Begins: Thanks To Millen Baptist & Sardis Baptist

“Gator Camp”

Froth vs. Foamy Stuff


Hello to Mrs. B, Donnie Conner, and Patrick…

A Farewell From Patrick

Edwin Is Boss Of Day 5

It’s Day 5 And We Are Back On The Road!

Church with Lincolnton First United Methodist & Assembly of God… THEN MONDAY NIGHT EXCITEMENT!

Delicates and Swine…

A Shout Out To The Crew

Tripp Is Boss For Day 4, And Day 4 Is Wet!

Days 1 through 3 In Pictures: A Slideshow

Check out some of the many great pictures taken during the first three days of the Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge!

Caution In The Van: An Insider’s Look At Being In The Cockpit Of The Command Center With SAM

An Overview of Day 3’s Afternoon – In Honor Of Patrick

Exciting Update On The KTOK Hotline!!!

An Interview With Patrick

Get It!!!

Riding… and Talking Turkish Coffee

Of Lattes and Ripped $10 Bills

“Safety Is Our Slogan”

Dahlonega Baptist Church (Breakfast)

Day 3: A Typical Morning (Jonathon is Boss Today)

White Christmas?

A “Shout Out” to Brig and Daniel

The End Of Christian’s Ride

Sam’s Tanning

Safety First

On The Road

Christian’s Update

Day 2 Begins

From Rockmart to Rome to Bed: Drew’s final hours as boss of the day (though not his final hours as boss)

In Rome


Moving while sitting still

Already lost!

Day 1 Update

Drew: Boss of Day 1

Starting at CHic-fil-A Headquarters

The Night Before…

Riders talk about… Faith and being on a bike

Riders Talk About… The Riders

Staff Interview: Drew and Kyle

WSAV, Savannah: Interview with Drew

Road Crew Interview


Christian’s Secret Life

Rider Interview: Christian

Jonathon shows us around…

Rider Interview: Jonathon

Dangerous Rider

Rider Interview: Mark

Kyle helps Tripp adjust his bike.

Rider Interview: Tripp

Introduction: 2009 Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge

An Awareness Test: Public Service Announcement