So today included some pretty amazing sights, some of which you will see in these photos.

You will notice a photo of Dingo, Tristan, Austin and Hunter leaning against a rail, backdropped by marsh and a bridge. If you look closely, you will see in Dingo’s hand a fiddler crab. This, Dingo believed, was his new friend. And just as he does with all new friends, he held the fiddler crab aloft by its one fiddlesque claw. Look closely. You’ll see it. You may also notice the serenity in Dingo’s expression as he pensively looks out toward the horizon… out, perhaps, into the bright future of his new found friendship with the fiddler crab.

In the next image, you see the carnage that befell Dingo, his new friendship with the fiddler crab, and the other young men posing with them in the photo. While Dingo was contemplating their friendship and the long term and, dare we say it, existential implications of such a faultless pairing, the little fiddler crab, perhaps terrified by the minutes of torment and uncertainty, considering its own wee mortality in the face of being chased and apprehended by a large mammal of uncertain origins, perhaps human… perhaps dingo, was seeking merely the most advantageous way to cause his captor to release him, once again, into the muddy paradise of the marshes below. Perhaps in his own musings and contemplations, the fiddler crab found the moment when Dingo’s fingers had grown careless, and had seized said moment by seizing said finger. The resulting photo is fun.

So enjoy. We’ll see you tomorrow… in Vidalia.