Random Highlights Volume 2: Night 2 Adventures

More random magic. A little explanation: the Turkish Bandits aren’t actually seen in this video although they are referenced. They were hanging out outside a Starbucks when this Blogger was snarfing WIFI and updating the website. After hours. Rebecca and Victoria had stranded said blogger with said Turkish Bandits and various other wayfaring strangers in order to visit more hostile territory: Walmart, which was buzzing with activity at that late hour. And all this happened after we overcame the Laundromat Pirates.

One sweet lady protected us from going to a dangerous location.

Sweet Lady: “Don’t go there. I wouldn’t go there. Go to the one on US 1, next to 7-11. It’s better.”

Rebecca: “Where is it exactly?”

Sweet Lady: “Right up here on the left, on US 1 next to 7-11. But don’t go there. I wouldn’t go there.”

Rebecca: “Oh, well can you tell us one we can go to?”

Sweet Lady: “The one I’m telling you about.”

Rebecca: “And which one is that?”

Sweet Lady: “The one right up here on US 1 next to 7-11. But don’t go there. I wouldn’t go there.”

Rebecca: “Okay, thanks!”

And we went to the Laundromat on US 1 next to 7-11, even though we are unsure if Sweet Lady would have gone there, and all this while everyone else was back as the sleepy place, snug in their beds.

Random Highlights Volume 2- Night 2 Adventures from PAYH on Vimeo.

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  1. janie sherrill says:

    Eric, I wouldn’t wear those shoes either. I also think the “Turkish Bandit” might have been the lady screaming in the music during the first part of video!!


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