Paul with BikeIn 1961, Paul Anderson climbed on a bike and rode to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska from Vidalia, Georgia. His wife, Glenda, followed in a van with a giant banner that read “the World’s Strongest Man.” In this way, Paul and Glenda began spreading the word about their desire to start the Paul Anderson Youth Home.

Throughout this event, we are able to provide opportunities for our young men to grow and share. At the PAYH, we teach them to value our history and those who have made this work possible. This year, we are honoring not only what Paul Anderson began in 1961, but also YOU, our partners and friends, who continue the legacy of Paul and Glenda. Through the investment of your time, talent, and treasure, thousands of families have been impacted. Your gifts benefit the boys at the PAYH.

The PAYH bicycle ride has grown from a concept and seed to a major yearly event for the home. The opportunity it provides for the young men to test themselves provides memories to them for life. It has been rewarding to see many of them develop in courage and confidence on the ride. The daily devotionals by the young men is spiritual food for me. It also has provided many opportunities to connect with donors along the routes over the years. Since it’s inception, the exposure for PAYH in news media and communities visited has been amazing.

  ~ Mac Jordan

PAYH Supporter and Rider since 2006