America stands at a crucial moment in her history. Despite our strong foundation, we are clearly in decline as a nation. The tipping point? The state of our youth – especially the young men who become our nation’s husbands, fathers, workers, and leaders – will determine the state of our future. To be honest, the outlook isn’t good. Our culture will continue its precipitous downhill slide unless we can change the direction of this generation.


Paul Anderson Ministries exists to do just that. For over 50 years through the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH), we have served troubled youth from all over the country, providing a Christian residential “home” environment in which they can rebuild broken lives through:

Recovery – Most of the young men who come to our home are involved with substance
abuse. We help them take important steps toward freedom from addiction and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Our youths learn to manage life-controlling problems with God’s help.

Restoration – Our work focuses on helping broken boys become strong men. We teach them how to rebuild their lives with an emphasis on physical work and play, rigorous academics, and restored relationships with God, their families, and society.

Redemption – All that we do is based on the redemption Christ offers us in the gospel. In that context, young men discover their intrinsic value, meet God in His Word, grasp the unconditional love of God for themselves, and learn how to walk under loving authority.


Youth Home



Since 1961, the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) has served as a residential home providing Christian rehabilitation for young men seeking an alternative to incarceration. Continuing the mission set by PaulAnderson and his wife Glenda, the PAYH seeks to teach our young men that they are created by God and have a special purpose in life.  If you are interested in the services offered by the PAYH, please contact us or apply online.   With over 50 years of proven success in turning around the lives of troubled youth. We have begun to leverage our years of experience and the lessons we have learned into practical tools and resources that will bring hope to hurting families and restoration to the growing number of troubled youth across America.  Visit our Parent’s Purpose Blog for free resources, articles, and devotions designed to help build strong and healthy families.