Training Has Begun

Yesterday, after long preparation we mounted our bikes (some for the first time) and rode a 15 mile circuit through the hillside of Normantown, commonly known as the Norman town loop in the PACC community. Unfortunately, Charles’ bike had some difficulties and he was not able to ride.

As we left the youth home property and glided into the narrow roadway, I couldn’t help but smile as the cool air brushed against my face, an uncontrollable sense of freedom manifested from the push of gears as I gazed at the surrounding fields as I rode past. Willie was already familiar with the loop; however me, Logan, Joseph, Nick, and Sam enjoyed our first ride up until Logan had a bike malfunction 10 miles in and had to wait with Drew to be picked up.

All in all it was a good first step to familiarizing ourselves with the equipment and I believe the 2013 Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge will be a rewarding experience (hopefully with less technical difficulty).

I am excited to be a representative of the youth home on the ride because I feel as though I have something to contribute from what I’ve been taught here. The youth home has given me a chance to live my life sober. Not just that, it has helped me confront the problems which had preluded my years of drug use. I have become closer to my family despite the distance as I am from Oregon. I have become closer to God and strive now to make my family, friends, and teachers proud.


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  1. Rosa Lee says:

    So happy for you Kent! It was great seeing you last week and I look forward to following along on this year’s bike ride. It was a life changing experience for Taylor.

  2. Dana Anderson says:

    Kent – I am loving your blogs, photos and videos of the bike ride. I am so proud of you and am having the best time reading and watching…
    I am so glad we get to ‘follow’ you – and please know that you have a community of supporters cheering for you here.

    I love you!


  3. Pam says:

    Wow! what an exciting and daunting task ahead of you! I could never imagine riding 600 miles, but after what I have seen, heard and know about you, you will tear it up!!! (in a good way and not road rash:) )
    So proud of how far you have come and sooooooo excited to get to be a small part of your journey.
    Love You!! and Pedal On!!
    Aunt Pam

  4. Nancy Thurston says:

    I loved reading your blog, Kent. You inspire me to want to get outside and exercise out in the fresh air! My family and I have enjoyed watching your video, and we are cheering for you as you do your final training for your big adventure trip.

  5. Nancy Sitton says:

    You have grown so much and you look so healthy. I thank God for His goodness to you and pray for you and am glad to be able to follow you on this ride.
    Love you,


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