PACC - Training June 18-0007-2

Training Week 1

The first week of riding has been pretty fun! We have ridden 56 miles so far. On my first ride, I was pretty slow, but yesterday I went from last to up front.

During yesterday’s ride I learned that there are some people that are not very happy to share the road with cyclists: I had a can thrown at me. Thankfully, he missed by a lot.

Learning how to ride on the road is very interesting. I like the new clip-in peddles, but some of the other boys have had trouble with them. We have had several falls already. The first day, Logan’s bike even fell apart. I’ve never seen that happen before but I found it pretty funny and scary at hte same time.  (I don’t wish that to happen to myself.)

With this ride, the youth home has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to and push myself for the best. I am excited to speak and represent the youth home and share all that it has done for me!

~ Nick

(PS. Love you mom, dad, and Dani)

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  1. Daniel Ewart says:

    Train hard! I am counting on you to be in phenomenal shape so that I am able to draft off of you.
    Dad xoxo
    P.S. Very proud of you!

  2. Jon Burkeen says:

    We are very proud of you and what you and the other young men are about to accomplish. I pray that you will feel the Lord’s hand as you ride. I pray He will give you all strength through the 600 miles (especially your dad). Please know that we are watching and are very excited to see you all finish well. God bless you,



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