Training Week 3

Hello to all of you who are supporting the ride and reading our updates!

This past week I had “mechanical difficulties” with my bike. It was no big deal really…unless you consider the fact that I almost had to walk all the way back to the Youth Home.  Thankfully, Mama Love and the boys stopped to assist me.  The next day I was back on a bike and riding with the others. We have all been training hard for this year’s ride.

The Paul Anderson Youth Home has helped me in many different ways since I’ve been here. The biggest impact has been in my walk with God.  I now have a closer relationship with Him than I have ever had. I want to thank the PAYH for everything they have done for me. I also want to thank everyone supporting the riders this year and for all of your help.

We are looking forward to the ride and to meeting a lot of you along the way.

~ Sam

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  1. Daniel Ewart says:

    Thank you for sharing that God has been working in your life while you have been at PAYH. That is an encouragement for all the parents. It will be a privilege to ride along side and speak with you during the 7 day ride. It’s going to be a great ride!

    Daniel (Nick’s Dad)


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