Training Week 4

So far, I have been the rider with the most mishaps. On the first day my pedal and arm to the pedal fell off. Then on our 6th practice ride a chain of events led to my rear gear change basically exploding into my spokes which led to me not being able to finish the 30 miles or do the next ride the following day. Then on another ride my feet came unclipped and hit the road which made me swerve. While trying to regain my balance I fishtailed and fell on my shoulder, which caused my jersey to get blood stained and the seat on my bike in need of replacement. (Needless to say, we have had our fair share of mishaps so far.) Our last ride was “uneventful” as we finished our longest ride yet: 38 miles!

The longest day that we will have on the actual ride will be 112 miles. Drew says that we will be fine, but I have some trouble trusting him on that.

It has been pretty rainy for the past two weeks so that has definitely put a damper on our riding schedule. But, it looks like it is clearing up, so we should be able to catch up on lost time.

Shout out to my family, Alex, mom, grandma, grandpa, grandma Janice, the Harveys, the Grangers, and of course our sponsors! Thank you everybody and I hope to see you while I’m suffering in the heat and humidity for 600+ miles.

~ Logan

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  1. Dana Anderson says:

    What a lot of challenges for you, Logan – but hooray for sticking with it!

    We are cheering for you from Oregon!

  2. Erin says:

    Hi Logan,
    It is your mother, yes you have had a lot of mishaps, but you can do it. I will be cheering you on from Idaho, along with Alex and the Grandparents. Love you and good luck. Hopefully your bike will stay together.

  3. Gary and Rhea says:

    Hey Logan….we hope it’s going better!!!! What an experience you are having and the memories you are building. We think of you often, asking your family all types of questions and saying prayers. Take care! We can’t wait to see you again and listen to all of your experiences. God bless!!!

    Gary and Rhea

  4. Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jagger says:

    Logan, only you would be able to suffer complete and utter cycling disaster and still come out on top!! We are sure your support team will be there to help hold you together (literally, it seems), and we wish that we were able to be there as well to cheer you on. Know that you have fans in Kenya, thinking about you and wishing you well every mile of the way. Totally proud of you, Logan!

    Uncle Jagger, Aunt Melissa, Savannah, Rowan and Jasper

  5. Grandma Ninja says:

    I will be thinking of you every mile. How about an ice necklace? That would keep you cool, well your neck anyway. Everyone here is cheering you on, and will be following your adventure. Hopefully none of the adventure extends to flying off the bike, or parts flying. I will be checking everyday to see what is posted. Love you bunches.. I am so very proud of you. Grandma

  6. Grandpa Mike Gibson says:

    Way to go Logan. As us old folks say – you are so cool dude. We are really proud of you, not only for the bike riding but for the wonderful young man you are maturing into. Good luck on the bike ride, keep up the good work in the classroom and the good reports from staff on your improved behaviors/maturation. We love you and miss you.

  7. Toni Carson says:

    Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! So proud of the progress you have been making! Good luck on your upcoming race, I will be thinking of you and cheering you on!
    Hugs and Kisses! See you Sooooooon!

  8. Grandma Cindy says:

    It is getting close, and I am thinking of you a lot. Lots of prayers for you and all of your fellow riders. Also the support team. We will be there in spirit with you. We will be looking for news as you ride. Stay safe, God be with you. Love Grandma.

  9. Mom says:

    Wow, 3 days left. Are you ready? I am ready to see you and the other boys complete this wonderful adventure you are about to experience. I Love you Logan and I am thinking about you every minute of every day. Take care and have fun.
    Love you.

  10. Erin Gibson says:

    Dear Logan,
    One day to go and you are off. You be careful and have fun. I will be watching closely from Idaho. I love you Mom

  11. Grandma Cindy says:

    You are off. I am following your progress. Stay safe, have fun, remember it all so we can talk about it. “How was your day today?” Thinkingn of you lots. Praying a bunch.. Love you more. Grandma


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